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Colours Of Election

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.


The colours of the election are all dyed

Look at all each other and how they are embraced today.

Who's hungry right now,

who's awake

All the candidates are very worried.

Who will win and who will lose

The effort of all is heavy on each other.

Get a good plan

Is already in the public interest.

The dusty manifesto has also started to appear

Such stings have started

ringing in the village-town

It is as if the throne of Indra ( God of heaven) has begun to swing today.

The public's mind is getting seduced by smooth talks

Their table is also decorated

with meat and liquor.

Corset and Clasp join together

like party and candidates

Started promising to stay connected

Even unemployed people started

playing like this

As if he is sitting on the heap of employment

Like Mungerilal (Who always see dream), he started cherishing dreams.

Voting takes place and then

counting of votes takes place.

Then the government is arbitrary.

They want the love of the nation

But Dhritarashtra (Such characters of Mahabharata who are fascinated

And trapped in greed) comes under the influence of power in some.

Politicians don't care

about the poor and the elderly



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