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Coloured Smiles: The Deceitful Friend


Coloured Smiles: The Deceitful Friend

A bitter truth is worth listening to

Than a sweet lie covered under

The canopy of a coloured smile

Lips drew apart to exhibit

Whiteness and blackness of teeth

I know that doesn’t tell the purity of the heart

Struck by an enemy is considered you’re vulnerable

Struck by a friend will consider you

To be unprepared for the unknown

My heart is heavily crying

For folks that profess love

But hide it in the abyss of their hearts

My heart is heavily praying

For foes that confess hatred

But the heart melts when heat by a ray of sun

My heart denies but desires to recall

Any that she grudged

But if she did, she’s praying for the rays of healing

Let my folks be my bone

To back me up in times I go lazy

And not to be my foes

Smiling at my every crime

Smiling at my every flaw

Smiling everyday by day

Smiling with coloured teeth


A black coloured smile

Smiles initiated by crimes

Smiles born to burn up every drop of doubt

Smiling to create plights

I dare not shroud crimes with coloured smiles...

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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