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Colour Confusion


The thoughts inside my crazy head,

are making me perplexed.

Why can’t things just be simple,

and not confusing and complexed.

When thinking about colours,

I know this sound absurd.

Why all the different meanings?

for the usage of the word.

There is colour all around us,

from morning through till night.

Yet experts are still arguing,

we dream in black and white.

Can you tell me who decided?

Red for stop and green for go.

Why not use blue and yellow,

or even orange and indigo.

They say your favourite colour

shows your personality.

When I wrote that mine was pink,

they answered I was gay.


Psychology of Colour

The psychology of colour,

gives you all these different facts.

Of the feelings that a colour gives,

and the way that you react.

They tell you that the colour blue

can be seen as cool and calming.

But contradictory usage,

really is quite damming.

This doesn’t answer my dilemma,

To put me on the mend.

And why it means so many things,

Will drive me round the bend.

They say that we have blue blood,

if nobility is our right.

Aussies say you had a blue,

when you get in a fight.

We are blue with the cold,

or blue when we are sad.

They say we turn the air this colour,

When our language’s really bad.

You even have the movies,

that they call this colour too.

But if we’re realistic,

it’s porn to me and you.

This could go on for ever.

So many colours for to choose.

But I think I will just leave it here,

or my sanity I might lose.

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