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Color Of My Skin

I love poems.Poems are a version of me in words.I do write from personal view of life and other people experiences.

My skin

I was born so adorable,

I know that is believable,

Why am I still feeling this terrible,

I guess its because I want others to see me as beautiful.

Colour of my skin,

When I am alone you radiate with a golden beam,

But why do I have an inner voice that keeps the scream,

Color of my skin can it change if I apply so much cream?

I look at people with similar color,

I can't keep my step from staring at such a glamour,

Why do I have to go through all these trauma,

All I know is you have a chocolate flavor.

Today I want to make you pretty,

Put on a little powder and foundation to avoid you being so oily,

I am not imitating the rest but bringing out the cutey,

So color of my skin I love you just the way you are.

© 2018 Winnie Sagina

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