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Collision of Reality and Expectation


There is a Thin Line between what is Real and Not. Know the difference.

There are times that I feel hopeless

People judge me

Say that I am ugly

I don't look like my sisters

I'm only adopted

I do not fit in

I'm too weird

I say mean things

I am too direct

I do not filter my words

I just feel that I'm intelligent

But my brain cells do not work

I am fat

I eat like a pig...

Is it okay to feel lonely?

Is it right to feel small?

Is it possible that there is someone who can say nice things about me?

What did I do wrong?

I can only control myself

Not anyone else

Situations can differ

I can manage how I respond to them

Not to full control

It does not exist

This is why I refrain from expecting

I live each day

One day at a time

In this roller coaster ride

It can have ups and downs

Minor twists and turn

Glides and bumps

It is all a matter of how you think, see and interpret things before you.

© 2018 Ronadel Razon