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Collective Madness ~ Poetry for the Insane

John is a contemporary poet who uses the rhyming styles of the classics to discuss current issues.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party: Image by Prawny from Pixabay

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party: Image by Prawny from Pixabay

Word Prompt: Madness

A friend and fellow writer Brenda Arledge has been sharing weekly word prompts

"Word Prompts Help Creativity is an article that includes a word prompt as a challenge for us to write something of our own choosing like a short story or poem. The hope is that this word helps us to find inspiration while having some fun writing.

The word prompt for week five is madness."

(*paraphrased from: Word Prompts Help Creativity/Week 5)

The following three poems are my attempt to use the word prompt provided. Thank you for sharing the inspiration, Brenda.

Curious: Image by loulou Nash from Pixabay

Curious: Image by loulou Nash from Pixabay

MADNESS ~ an Acrostic Poem

Madness is chaotic

An illness of the mind

Destroying those around you

Not noticing the signs

Extreme and foolish behaviour

Shapes these crazy times

Sanity is missing from such fragile minds.

Madness: Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

Madness: Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

The Madness Within

My mind’s like a volcano

Sitting dormant, so it seems.

But suddenly it may erupt

With full force so extreme.

Is this madness or compulsion

That wracks my troubled brain,

Or some uncontrolled psychosis

That renders me insane?

Is my life reality,

Or is this fantasy I live?

I cannot tell the two apart,

It’s caused my soul to grieve.

Will madness be my nemesis

That hounds me to my grave,

Or will my sanity prevail

And my sad life be saved?

Image by t_watanabe from Pixabay

Image by t_watanabe from Pixabay

Using One Sentence to Write a Poem

For the following poem, I used the method described in my recent article How to Write a Poem Using One Sentence as a Prompt.

I chose the following quote by Wei Hui:

"Crazy people are considered mad by the rest of society only because their intelligence isn’t understood."

We’re a Mad Lot

Crazy are the different ones

People who do not conform.

Are they really as perceived

Considered to be weird?

Mad by any other name,

By any other values,

The rich may be eccentric,

Rest upon their wealthy laurels.

Of course their status pandered too,

Society adjusts its standards

Only to suit ulterior motives.

Because the mad embarrass, mental illness has a stigma

Their presence must be kept low key.

Intelligence can’t be assessed by any rational means,

Isn’t relevant at all, or at least not plainly clear.

Understood? I hope so because we’re a mad lot after all.

© 2021 John Hansen

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