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Collective Haiku

Inspired by John Hansen's collection of haikus on seasons and many other talented poets, I have written a few haikus myself.

This is my first attempt at this particular form of poetry. I have selected an array of topics.

Set I



Crawls on a gold frond
Hugged in varied petal shades
Wings alight one day.


Canons loud afar
Screams and moans behind frontier
Silence reeks anguish.


Cool fresh to breathe sharp
A pulse and a melody
Warm beam shines within.


Erase noise and hate
Unfamiliar ain't the foe
It's the biased host.


Sweet as mushed berries
Strength profound, steady yet kind
Mystery never found.

Set II



Anxious faces loud
Tension builds as time folds in
Each check pumps blood high.

A Sketch

Manmade bricks and walls
Among forces green serene
Blue birds to the fore.

Night Story

A tiny pixie
In a hat tall green and neat
Sings a song to sleep.


Between life and death
Hanging by a loose thin thread
Tools cautiously tread.


Gorgeous fabric swirls
Waltz across festive soirées
Perfect picture hall.


High smoking horses
Galloping along the waves
Ears to rhythmic howls.


A me but apart
On more planets alike mine
Joined by single strings.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra


Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on January 03, 2020:

Thanks so much Mark. I am glad you liked it

Mark Tulin from Ventura, California on January 03, 2020:

Wonderful Haiku,Tiyasha . You certainly have a remarkable talent for it.

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on December 07, 2019:

Oh that's quite a comparison. Thanks a ton.

manatita44 from london on December 07, 2019:

Extremely beautiful and articulate, like a secret whisper from the moon!!!

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on December 06, 2019:

Thank you so much John. It means a lot that you liked them. You are an inspiration for me.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on December 06, 2019:

Wow, Tiyasha. I am very impressed by the quality of these Haiku. Thank you for the mention that you were inspired by the season ones I wrote, but in my opinion these are much better. Well done.

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