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Collection of Old Poems

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.


These are some of the poems I had written way back, when Hubpages did not exist. I was not very sure of their worth, and whether it would make sense to post them. However, I read a hub from snakeslane called "Girl Poems", and I got inspired. So here they are.

A Long Way To Go

I looked ahead down the road

Was it you, or a figure unknown

Dreading the rime I moved ahead

Forever dejected and forlorn

Miles and many more miles

Savory tears, mumbling smiles

Venturing through the midst of frost

I see you, there, and I know I am lost


There’s a love song on the radio

And I lie alone on the walkway

Gazing at the night full of stars

Bedazzled by the fantasy ray

Bedazzled I feel walking back

To my old, rusty wheel chair

There was a time it supported me

Now it only stands bare

Lights turned low, I turn around

You? Oh no! Must be a ghostly uproar

‘Cause there was a time you were there

Bedazzled I am, as you are no more

Segregating light from the misty dawn

Bedazzled I touch the supple dew

A new beginning, a subtle start

Bedazzled I feel as I start anew

The Portrait

Nowhere could I hide the truth

Painted memories utter it all

Brush strokes of an amateur

The portrait of a dreaded fall

Tears that don’t wash the color

Rather darker shades feigned

Shadows slowly melt away

But never let the love fade

Time And Again, Time

Memories, fallen leaves,

and all that I adore

Slip through my hands

No one can stop them

They smile through

the tears like before

My disguise, solitary path

through the mist

Seem so unreal

Feel like unfaithful

Moving farther than

all that I so ever missed

I turn around, rainbow of

dreams and despair

Falling through the fervor of life

Saving the grace of

the dead and gone

Making place

for a future unborn

Time flies, the dew drops will freeze

Sharing the rainbow of pain

We’ll meet again

Time flies, does it really

make through the dawn

Saving the faint drops of

hope in one heart

Is the sole consolation

that we’ll never part

© 2012 Rinita Sen