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Cold Soup for Family

A man struggling to find purpose, and to live a passionate, humble human experience.


Hunger kicked in and we had no choice
But to eat cold soup for dinner.

I did it for family, because it was all I had.
Call it a penance for my arrogance.

The wind calls to soothe my anxious mind,
Yet its chill reminds me of my duty.

Now I know how Jack felt, truly felt,

Underneath the cold anchors of the Atlantic.

The soup nourishes me, so thank you Mom
For no matter how much I fall, you are
There for me, with me, and sometimes without me,
But never too far away for me to say sorry.

I don’t want the bitterness of the lentils
To take away from the sweetness of your breath.

For lessons learned are lessons instilled
Beneath the crashing crescendo of your
Musical atmosphere and breath.

You wanted to be a dancer,
Now I do, too, all for you,
And always, for you.

© 2022 Arthur Gulumian

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