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Today I stifled several fires, but still none of my own.

From this extinguishment, I have learned.

I have learned thinking logically is a fool’s game, and I am tired of playing.

I have learned nothing actually happens for a reason, but that doesn’t stop unreasonable things from happening.

I have learned coincidences are never really as simple as the word made up for them.

But why do I still have so many questions?

Why can I think of a million ways to answer, but never make sense of the words already said?

Why does my mouth find a way to bring your name up in conversation just so I have a reason to say it?

How do things that never reminded me of you before find a way to now?

Where is the young girl in me who was so proud of learning how to forgive?

Why are there nights when my favorite t-shirt forgets how to hold in my flames?

Why are ashes the only thing given the potential to rise?

Where did you come from, and why are you still here?

And tonight, why is burning the only thing I can write about?

© 2022 Xandra Lang