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Cognizance of Sonder - A Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.


The Backdrop

Brenda has given us a word prompt, “Sonder”. Whenever I move out of my house, I see many different people living a different life. I always compare my life with the people living a life difficult than me. Then I thank Allah (God) that He has blessed me with the life I always wanted. He has blessed me with uncountable things that I never asked for. That moment, down on the streets, that feeling I had for someone else on the street, I did not know that feeling is called “sonder”. Thank you, dear Brenda, for giving us this word as a prompt to be creative with. Thanks to Kyler Falk too for suggesting Brenda this unique word prompt. Here comes my poem. Hope everyone enjoys reading. Since the comment button is not available, you can email me your feedback if you want to. I will be pleased.

Cognizance of Sonder

I moved out on the streets.

What I saw?

People rushing in their routines,

living a life complex than mine.

Mesmerized with a needy woman,

sitting along a little one,

outside the food mart.

I wonder what bought her here on the streets,

begging for help in a penurious life.

Strolled further, caught the sight of

labors doing toilsome chores,

working in the scorching heat,

under 45 degree Celsius.

What a miserable life they live?

I wonder how much earning they use,

and are they able to save some?

Going by a car,

Stopped to a red signal.

I spot a man selling bottled water,

through the traffic under the humid climate.

Thoughts rushed to my mind.

He might have lost his job in covid crisis.

What a difficult life he is living!

What a blessed life I am living, I realized.

My problems are so small.

My life is someone else’s dream.

Always be grateful, I explained myself.


© 2021 Rozlin

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