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Marieta Maglas is a co-author in some anthologies published by Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, and Silver Birch Press.

Cogency (Poem)

The eye opened

as a dropping hot, liquid sake

from a globe of glass

to reveal an inner, nude feeling~

totem on the retina.

Unbreakable, needed to be broken

out of sight.

In the transparency of aeons,

this sentiment is never hedonic

and means self-defense.

'Tis like tae Kwon do or like

an offbeat bluegrass.

The heart has known true love.

'Tis a disheartened scream

of an offshoot and

recalls the dream

in its Orphic Egg~

bridges,viaducts,highways, and rainbows.

Rain cannot blister life.

'Tis wet and see-through

while dropping

onto the sin core, within~

sorely, steadly, slowly, and silently.

From time to time

It falls to become

a cogency. Looks like truth

or maybe like sake.

Love can breast the chest of the Lord.

Poem written by Marieta Maglas

In the Ancient Greek literature, the Orphic Egg is a cosmic one giving life to some hermaphroditic deities like Zeus, Eros, Pan, or Phanes.The last one is the source of universe and means "Revealer". This deity of procreation and life is called also Protogonos (First Born) ,Eros (Love), and Lucifer ( in Latin).

In Ancient Orphic hymnes, this deity is an " ineffable, hidden, briliant scion, whose motion is whirring". (Wikipedia)

This Egg has a serpent which is wrapped around it, the symbol of creative spirit that " became the sole one". (Ancient Symbols and Deveni Papyrus)

God Ra was beaming in his Egg, the sun, and god Shoo, the solar energy, gave him impulses of life. ( Book of the Dead , xvii,50)

"None can break my Egg, I am the Lord!" (Ibid, Ixxxv)

Genesis 1:3" Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Phanes is born from waters, the amniotic liquid.

Orpheus was a famous singer. His songs made Cerubus fall asleep. This way, Orpheus could enter the world of Hades to rescue his wife. He is compared with Christ in the idea of saving the woman through love.

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