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Coffee story

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Peppermint flavor of my bittersweet coffee stays inside my mouth.

Its delicious taste...I did not doubt.
Every Christmas day that comes around...
Melancholic music plays on my chaotic background.
Always on my favorite hideout whenever I'm alone...
To write my poems hidden on this celphone.
What story should I tell this time?
What would I imagine to make a rhyme?
How about a woman who was hurt before?
And now chose to love herself even more.
Stood stronger against the tests of time.
Ready to conquer the world she once left behind.
With a smile gleaming on her beautiful face...
Contagious to all...everyone's amazed.
How did that woman who was scorned before...
Now faces life's adversities and no longer afraid to fall?
Bravely she passed through all those stepping stones.
Not minding the conflicts she once had known.
Had a leap of faith that she'll reach the top...
And nobody can ever make her stop.
Her destination is real happiness.
Comes from the heart with sweet caress.
From the start of her journey they might have seen....
How excruciating it would have been.
After all that she had been through...
Don't you think she deserves to achieve that too?
Let's all just be happy for her.
And pray that she won't ever surrender.
Hope that she'll continue her fight til the end...
All her shattered pieces have now been mended.
And God gave her a special gift..
It would make her spirit uplift..
It is called LoVe...
For herself...
For others...
And for the Holy One above.

© 2019 Janis

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