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Coffee Stains in a Notebook

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.

original draft....with the coffee stain.

original draft....with the coffee stain.


Coffee stain

Don’t mean a thing

When have you an idea

Brimming in your head

And it needs to find

A way to escape.

Clean paper

Dirty paper.


It doesn’t matter

As long as the words are captured

As long as the idea is born in fine print.

Coffee stains

On a piece of paper

Just don’t mean a thing.

For the Record

No, I don't know if the coffee in caffeinated or decaffeinated (most likely caffeinated). Nor can I tell you what brand of coffee ( if it came from home) or from which coffee house it came from (maybe Coffee Bean in L.A. or Dutch Bros. in Spokane) .

It is one of many journals or notebooks I have around my room that I've stored over the years. Many are filled with notes, a few verses, class instructions, ideas for lesson plans, or notes for various articles I eventually wrote. Often, the stuff in them are forgettable or not worth the time to print. This was one of the exception. It had a lot to say in only a few words.

© 2021 Dean Traylor

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