Coach Erik Spoelstra

Updated on January 22, 2018


Erik Spoelstra was born in Illinois.
His family moved from Illinois.
Moved to New York in Buffalo.
That is where he would grow.
In the late 1970's.
His moved with his family.
He started off his legacy.
Playing for his High School Team.
He was then starting to receive.
Recieve offers from colleges.
He chose the one in Portland.
He was one of the top point guards.
That was just the start.
He was only a freshman.
Was the best in the conference.
He's honored at the school.
One of the leading scorers in the school.
Despite his basketball greatness.
He got a degree in communications.
Before that, he was a witness.
To one of the most tragic events.
Seeing Hank Gaithers die of a heart condition.
He became assistant in Germany.
Then offered a position in Miami.
Both offers seemed appealing.
But the heat, he chose on Joining.

Player Personnel/Video Coordinator

Erik Spoelstra was the leads.
Player personnel for the heat.
But DAVE WHOL is convinced.
That Spoelstra needs a position.
He was hired as a video coordinator.
But he knew nothing about computers.
He had to learn about computers.
Spo was a basketball guy.
Who decided to give it a try.
He was editing videos.
For the teams pick and roles.
Working out with the players.
His expertise wasn't forsaken.
The heat knew about it.
His history revealed it.
He was just being patient.
The time came when he was promoted.

The Promotion

Spo was hired as assistant coach.
Pat Riley was the head coach.
Spo did not even have a suit.
So Riley felt the need to.
Go deep in his closet.
To give his assistant.
His assistant suits.
But spo gets promoted too.
Riley steps down as head coach.
His first job is to find a coach.
Riley saw one and saw his younger self.
It was Spo and no one else.
Spo's basketball history.
Makes him fit for coaching.
Coaching the Miami Heat.
Becoming a part of heat's legacy.

Head Coach

It was 2008 when spo was hired.
Spo was Riley's successor.
His experience was too great.
This was a choice heat had to make.
Spo will bring the right ideas.
To all these young players.
His first year as coach.
He led the heat to the post.
Despite being one of the worst teams.
They fought but ended up falling.
Falling in the first round.
The organization kept him around.
Spo met expectations.
Riley decided he should be rewarded.
He added big name free agents.
Leading them to consecutive.
To consecutive NBA finals.
Winning two of four finals.


Spo's been coaching heat for over a decade.
But superstars like Lebron James.
Has many to forget.
That he's the reason for heat's success.
He's not getting the credit deserved.
Like Riley, he made it work.
Lebron hasn't won a finals game.
When he got to spo that stat change.
This season alone.
Shows how he continues to grow.
Currently, the heat is injured.
But he still keeps his team in the picture.
They're one of the east top 5 teams.
Despite heat's success, they're overlooking.
This team is well coached.
Number 4 in the east with no.
No Allstar players.
The team has no fear.
Spo's surely in history books.
What he's done cannot be overlooked.
He's the most successful.
His career is not overshadowed.
By the big name agents.
Spo is surely one of the greatest.

Do you think Spo is underated?

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    © 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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