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Cloudy Cloud

Writing is one of my hobbies for most of the times, I get caught up in the web of writing to appreciate nature and all it offers.


The cloud floats high up in the sky

It lies so thick, not in mid air

Beneath it's shelter the birds fly

Flying further than I can stare.

The cloud is a shield

As the sun scorches, the lays cannot penetrate

Even when I'm in the field

No matter how much the sunlight, I ignore the rate.

Beneath the cloud, a shade forms

And the shelter is what we seek

Though from it, comes the storms

And this is how far my eyes can peek.

To the eye, the cloud is so appealing

That I feel like taking a trip to cloud town

With the gaze so breathtaking

I, sometimes, feel like a clown.

The more I realise, the more I am interested in watching

As they say, the more the merrier

Like soldiers they seem to be marching

In a formation of different a layer.

© 2021 Martin Simoonga

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