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Clouds Per Brenda Arledge’s Prompt

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Poem Information

These poems are in response to Brenda Arledge’s 30th prompt, ‘clouds’. It has been an enjoyable experience to write poetry based on Brenda’s prompt. Then, Brenda will give us excellent comments with feedback.

The first poem is an acrostic poem that simply speaks of the numerous shapes and sizes of the clouds that we enjoy seeing.

The sonnet is a poem that addresses the different types of clouds we all see.

The free verse poem talks about a girl who compares her life memories like clouds floating through her head.

Acrostic Poem

Clouds let our imagination work

Lots of odd shapes and sizes

Our eyes view their beauty

Under the skies lying on a quilt

Doing nothing but enjoying the view

Simple to let your imagination work

Altocumulus over Monterrey, Mexico

Altocumulus over Monterrey, Mexico

Cloud Sonnet

Cumulus clouds so heaped up and puffy

Stratus white clouds layered so smooth and flat

Cirrus clouds so high their curls are fluffy

Nimbus clouds bring rain that we must combat

The Clouds in Her Head

Clouds in her head

Memories floating by

Going on her first date

Graduating high school

Clouds move too fast

Rocking her year old son

Sitting in the church

While he marries his wife

Clouds still move fast

College graduate now

Working as a nurse

Three sons so busy

So much laughter

Wish life could stand still

Storm clouds appear

Her divorce is final

What a relief as it’s over

Reflecting on her past

What did she learn

Praying for grandchildren

Trying to stay healthy

It’s getting harder to do

Aging can be very tough

Fluffy clouds almost still

She see a rainbow

Cloud Types

Cloud Types

Get Off My Cloud

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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