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Closing the Book: Choosing to Write a New Chapter

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Opened a new type of book and began an unexpected journey

Thought it wasn't possible to allow someone in completely

Always found it difficult to trust someone to the fullest extent

Been burned in the past by unworthy people who didn't understand

Never fully embraced a unique partner that colored outside the lines

Tried to force me into a narrow stereotypical box with no windows

Light impossible to come into the picture without smashing it

Often meant breaking a partnership agreement by accident

One that was entered in good faith, but not honored by other party

Eyes opened now due to the experience of reading the fine print

Before putting any pens to paper for better or worse

Came to conclusion that it was secretly known subconsciously

That this partnership would fail for various uncontrollable circumstances

Cynical about love and beauty fading into the foreground

Never staying longer than a fortnight before reality came crashing down

Sounded cynically bitter in a way; still believed in love everlasting

Unsure if it's in the cards for me directly though

Still hard to trust the opposite sex at the moment for fear of getting hurt

Don't know if it's worth the effort yet to invest in shaky stocks and bonds

Huge turnaround from the beginning of year where it started off

With a sense of possibility and a strong midnight kiss to seal the deal

Ideally not perfect fit but thought it could still work if both were committed

Just needed some extra tender love and care to smooth things out

Fix the rough edges and imperfections to make it more manageable

Realized that it was a mistake to fit a square into a hole meant for a round peg

Ignored all the signs that this fairy tale was one sided

A byproduct of an overactive imagination designed by Hollywood

And a large helping of generic and disposable romantic comedies

Where everyone walked off into the sunset full of rainbows and unicorns

Instead of hitting the metaphorical, and sometimes real, brick wall

Not sure how it was possible to end up in such a precarious life position

Forced by circumstances beyond control; pushed into decisions unready to make

Cards have been dealt and deck was stacked by letting the house win

Unfair advantage and realized I was just a fish in an endless pond

Plenty of opportunities to come along and make swimming around fun again

Need to get back in fighting shape before it can be done though

Thankfully, summer is not for another six months.

And so it truly begins.

And so it truly begins.

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