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Closer to the Point


I know that things are close to through
I’ll stay as long as I can to see the things I love
Like you
Like you

I can’t disregard my body giving out
But my mind is not giving in
No it’s not
No it’s not

The thing on mind
Is saving my myself
I need to keep it going
I won’t give it up
I won’t give it away

I wonder if God really hears me
He knows what I’m thinking all the time
I’m getting on
I’m getting on

There’s no point in talking about the past
If I went wrong then that choice is long gone
Is it what I wanted to be
It's what I chose to be

I see your eyes sitting there
Staring into a glass of forgetfulness
You know too much about hurt
I know as much about it as you
I want to say that I want you
I wonder if you can hear me

The thing on mind
Is saving someone like you
I need to keep it going
I won’t give you up
I want to sweep you away

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