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Close to Eternity

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I love to write poems and I enjoy everything that's poetic because poetry is always soothing and perfect for the soul.

Closer to Eternity

Closer to Eternity

I have to borrow a feather

And then also a few wing tips,

Enough to go to the moon,

Rest and dream of him.

Snuggle up in a crater,

Warm; a bubble of air will

gently pamper me,

soothe fears and torments.

In a pool of crystal

I will draw a soft metal

Steam of silver and the color of gold

Which will bring me comfort,

Calm, pleasure and tenderness.

I will bury my sadness

In a deep and bottomless well;

I will also throw the lead

That hinders my emotions

Fresh, pure, and that spreads

Black thoughts, resentments

In my soul in turmoil.

So in the shadow of the stars,

I can hoist the sails high,

Sail with a light heart

Close to eternity.

© 2021 Zeenat

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