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Close To The End

Sometimes it takes years to forget her
There isn’t a romance to believe in anymore
Or a regret that warmed my home in winter
I’ve been working so long on myself
I forgot who always made me feel better

I’m not looking for colors bright or blue
That’s going to take care of itself this time
I might not know what to say or do
So I might just be myself this time
Who will be brave enough to say me too

I’m not trying to hide away or shrink
You know how I feel but I hold back
It doesn’t matter what I think
I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong
The world can only make love sink

You told me you talked to him again
You’re full of what if and lonely nights
How can I tell you what to do my friend
Did you want to tell me what he said
Or that our chance is close to the end?

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