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Close Encounters (a poem)

It’s Monday night and I’m on the bevvies

Went to the night club with crazy fools

Straight to the bar after paying the levy

Shooter pint chaser : it’s old school rules

I know it’s gonna hurt in the morning

And I’ll have to work from 9 til 5

A sensible person would see all the warnings

Maybe I would if I felt more alive

Walking around and I’m handing out flyers

Doing a favour for a friend of mine

Talked to some girls in lovely attire

Thought nothing of it, went back to the line

Of the bar which was heaving with goths and emos

Chatted about some post hardcore bands

Then went to the dance floor although i’m so so

Throwing some shapes and shaking some hands

2 in the morning and it’s time to go now

Mates have all gone but i’m in no rush

A lovely attired girl wants to know how

I’m getting home and it’s it’s no fuss

Would I mind hanging around for a moment

She kissed me to piss her ex off and she

Pulled me into a taxi and we went

Back to her gaff for a long coffee

7am and it’s technically morning

Head is a shed and my mouth is dry

How am I gonna stop myself from yawning

Trying to leave without saying goodbye

All of that time and I leave with nothing

And she’s started stirring and coming around

Cover is blown and she thought I was bluffing

I wont be there when that present is found

© 2019 Luke Chant

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