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Clinical Approach to Feminism Design

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

When it comes to being a modern woman

Society still had some stone age stereotypes in mind

Happy homemaker stuck in the kitchen with little to do

Except keep the home fires burning for their husbands

Okay, 2021 brought some additional improvements

A female Vice President in the White House

Next, a woman should get the presidency

Just need the right one to be elected the next time around

Past year brought about a need to break free of stereotypes

Archaic images and beliefs that needed to be broken

Appeared to be a lot harder to do when some clung to them

Holding onto age old habits like a ratty old life preserver

Need to let go 1950s style of thinking and behavior

Learning to understand that no one should fit any type of mold

Always destined to be a recipe for complete disaster

Back to the power of a strong female

Where actions backed up all the filibuster conversation

Look at the suffragettes who worked hard to earn right

To simply place their ballot in a box of any election

A right that many often take for granted today

Learned over the years that being a feminist

Took careful planning to become fully effective

Also, understood that those supposed proclaimed ones

Don't often walk the walk of everything they preach

If you have to declare it more than you act on it

That's a moniker that doesn't belong next to your name

Lectured for not dressing girly enough to attract a man

What a clichéd way to think about how a daughter should be

Everything down to the ways that they can snare a husband

Being a woman more than about style; substance needed a part

In this particular play known as the human race

Sure, snaring a guy with pretty images one thing

What do you do when you caught one?

Parlor games only go so far when conversation goes further

Women have a right to choose how to behave

Just as much as they have the right to go after what they want

Time that all women stop hiding behind their mothers' petticoats

And do just that.

Feminism knows no bounds.

Feminism knows no bounds.

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