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Climbing an Endless Ladder to the Top

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Everyone had a great desire for money and fame

Of course, not the same level of famous as a celebrity

That's simply outrageous to even compare the two

Money for the need of security everlasting

Fame as a way to be beyond just a face in the crowd

More than a mere social security number or a license plate

Whizzing through the routine traffic on any highway

Searching for a way to make an impact in daily life

Make a lasting impression beyond mere hellos every morning

Felt a little invisible and infamous at the same time

If that was remotely possible to be both without trying

Didn't want to obtain the sun, moon and stars

Just wanted a piece of professional stability to maintain

Feeling secure in a workplace where performance was key

Near perfection was impossible to grab onto without slipping

Embarrassed by each misstep like it was a slap in the face

To impossibly high standards where worker bees

Needed to be superhuman in order to survive Darwin's test

Being the fittest of the fit to have any type of staying power

Accused of always having my nose in the business of others

Not true in the slightest; needed to not look at computer screens

Continuously for full 8-10 hours a day for fear of going blind

Seeing stars when staring into them for too long

Or getting swallowed up by the images presented in front of you

Needed to feel part of something, even if it was in the background

On the outside looking in while everyone else was having fun

Didn't seem fair to feel different from everyone else

Especially when we all did the same job

Differing personalities in how we handled day to day pressures

Some flourished, while others sank like logs in it

Earned bonuses for living at the office

While others went home on time without making much of an effort

Had lives other than being good workerbees

Wondered what it was all about in working so far

Not getting far enough to stand out

Decided that it was best to be yourself and do good work

Everything else was just secondary

And voluntary of course

No one was putting a gun to your head to work the weekend

You chose to do it, plain and simple.

Seemed small and endless at the same time.

Seemed small and endless at the same time.