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Climbing Out of the Pit: Starting Over Again

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Fed up with fighting my way through the boxing ring

On the inside and on the outside of it as well

Not having to keep my guard up would be nice for once

Okay, not entirely knocking the good fortunes of this year

Happy to still have a job and a steady batch of people

Hanging around in the peripheral regions of my corner

Cheering me on to keep me fighting the good fight

Sometimes, wanted to take a vacation from the fisticuffs

Both golden gloves are no longer so shiny as they once were

Bloody and torn to pieces from years of 12 rounds sparring matches

Nothing to show for it, but a bitter reputation and some controversy

Hands weary and knuckles been put through a brick wall

And a meat grinder for some bonus rounds just for ratings

Used and abused as a publicity stunt gone terribly wrong

Not even close to a Mike Tyson wannabe in that department

No jail time for this pretend pugilist in the making

Forced to fight everyone and everything to stay afloat

Battling convention and judgmental critics who believed

That it was okay to behave a certain way until you reached an age

When it was time to hang up the gloves and settle down

Into a level of comfort and domesticity as a commentator

A spectator at the sport of life earning millions of dollars

Didn't want to be locked away in a cell with some other cellmates

Obligated to follow the party line of how to behave and what to say

Ready to stop towing the line and eager to start making some noise

Only need some time to deep freeze both hands to get them to heal

Unable to do so when constantly worrying about punching enemies

Should've taken the easier offer, but not built that way to roll over

Give into the detractors who believe that they were in charge

Annoyed to be starting over again at 36 years old

Seemed embarrassing to have to get back out there

Hitting the clubs and the singles bars when life should be set

At least in a comfortable sitting in half baked suburban bliss

Martini glass in one hand and a slice of apple pie in the other

A silly one note cliché to say the least, but enjoyable when combined

A visual that was tasty and something to wash down the sweetness

A good swift kick to cleanse the palate back to bitter reality

With an Olive chaser just as an added bonus

Time to kick off a new year with different battles to fight

Hopefully, winning most of them

Would be good to start the year off right as a victor for once.

Ready. Set. Fight.

Ready. Set. Fight.