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Cliff Diving into Foreign Romantically Exotic Enemy Territory

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Sacrificed the impulse to be part of the "Me Decade" revival brigade

Tom Wolfe's phrase to describe 1970s selfish arrogance

Only focused on number one and nothing else mattered

Moved past that with the help of a James Denton lookalike

First thought was to pull him into a steamy kiss when we met

Transformed into something more substantial and sentimental

Not quite romantic comedy material but close enough

Threw in the right balance of realism and sarcasm in place

To not cause nausea inducing side effects for viewers

Have not had an argument with Mr. Smart Aleck yet

Considered a good thing in any universe

Except for the Daytime television obsessed crowds

Who preferred over the top hysterics to anything sane

Mature enough to handle reality and differences

Developed a secret need to be the ideal person

For everyone who was nearest and dearest

Especially for Mr. Wonderful as a way to compensate

Not for my lack of a past, but for the mistakes of former girlfriends

Never met before and hopefully never will cross paths with

Unrealistic expectation to have, but it's there nonetheless

Wanted to be nurturing and playful at the same time

To the significant other sharing heart drive space with only family

Maybe, he had a fantasy of Florence Nightingale nursing him

Back to his primal health capacity or just to get over flu

A companion who bought him comfort and Chicken soup

Whenever the moment required more than carnal delights

Realized that this partnership was more than just the physical

Missed him greatly when he wasn't there on the couch

Watching Blazing Saddles and eating ice cream in our pajamas

Very aware that he was much more sophisticated

Than the reflection starring back in the bathroom mirror

Paid to be a fine wine or brew that got better with age

A special kind of vintage that never went out of style

Lucky to have met him and even luckier to not have scared him off

Even after touring the lion's den known as meeting the parents

Understand that not everything will be smooth sailing all the time

The waters will get choppy and disagreements will happen

Bad habits grating on each other's nerves worse than Limburger cheese

Allowed cooler heads to prevail locked in the metaphorical walk-in freezer

Teeth chattered but peace was found embracing common frostbite

Time to show true colors and allow some emotional truths to come out

Controlled feelings allowed for no spontaneous admissions

At the worst possible time or the most compromising of positions

Ready to take the plunge, not sure how it will go.

Here goes nothing.

Good comfort food never goes to waste.

Good comfort food never goes to waste.

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