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Cleaning House

A man struggling to find purpose, and to live a passionate, humble human experience.



Park your Mercedes next to my Prius,
Let me feel like a King so you don’t.

Woke? Try again. And try again.
Who are you fooling?
End of the day, I am me.
A Leo. Your Lion, your King.

Get out and stay out.
Kill the Caesar and Praise Christ.

Last thing I am is awake,
Been sleeping too long
To know if I’m still dreaming.

God calm me, keep me humble.
Keep me on the path,
Cause I’m a son, not a sword,
I build, not destroy, I create, not depreciate.

Stack up my gold, and stack it higher,
All for Mom, all for Dad, all for Family.

Kill my soul for loyalty, what a man.
A man is a man on his knees, not above it.

So listen to your brother and
Stop praying, and maybe start cleaning.

© 2022 Arthur Gulumian

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