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Clean Away

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Where To Begin

It's not like a pie

Where you have the first piece

The whole center of the pie

The last piece

You have things

You have gifts

Things you need

Things you use all the time

Then some things you use once and awhile

I struggle with where to put everything

When you have little room

You have to make some tough decisions

I box up some things and put them aside for later

I try to keep track of bills

By organizing the receipts

Not an easy task

They can get easily overwhelming

I wonder if it is really necessary

What is the best way ?

I hate wasting time

Then again I hate spending money unnecessarily

I have bought file folders, file cabinets and Rubbermaid containers

I have even tried to do the Neat Receipts

We had trouble with that too

Current bills to pay stubs

From magazines to newspapers

To junk mail to advertising promotions

The current books and old time favorites

A balance is the key

Trying to find that balance takes time

Well worth it in the end

A clean and organized office once again

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