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Classic Thorns

I Have Dreamed of A Day

I have been dreaming of a day-

that I would be free of the smoke.

I have dreamed of a day-

that my chains would disappear.

I have dreamed of a day-

that the ice would be no more.

Yet here I stand and the past is still stinging.

I find myself at a loss-

for what I had hoped is no more.

Go forth I say and spring up what must be.

Destroy the slithered tongue and make me new.

I do not wish to be of myself-

for I have lost everything in being of myself.

I surrender all that I am-

in order that I may become like the light which leads me.

No more will my shame take its toll,

No more will my past smudge me over,

I shall be as pure as snow.

No longer do I find the pressures of this world overtaking me.

For I have taken extreme measures to ensure that I may be free.

The world may mock me,

but I have gained from what it views as a loss.

Classic Thorns

I have let myself be choked out long enough.

Death has come too close, I fear.

And yet here I stand.

I am like the plant-

surrounded by this world's dirty vines,

and classic thorns.

No longer shall I take part,

No longer shall I suffer,

For here I cut and here I am placed in refreshing water-

To restart a new,

unfathomed by science.

For I will grow in impossible ways,

as my Creator works.

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