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Clarity of the Bell


Each day the church bell rings, singing a song of jubilation,

Announcing to the world that Christ was born, in adulation.

So joyous and crisp each sounding refrain, a fine sensation,

As devoted worshipers gather in throngs, their congregation.


A precious cry of joyful bliss, proclaiming all to come,

Made up of every walk in life, people, their vast sum.

Showing how much each cares and why we all adore,

The beloved Son of God above us, as he went before.


Please come to join in, take the time to praise the Lord,

We may trust Him for He's carried burdens, ever onward.

Taken away our sins in life and has given us all salvation,

Shows how the Father has love, a reason for our creation.


Peal, oh you bells of the steeples, on highest tops,

Announcing the returning of the son and our Lord,

Telling the story of His devotion and of His affection,

As on His white steed, He comes, baring His sword.


Give all the people security and a sanctuary of their own,

Let the world know you come and of all their sins to atone.

You are the light of this world, showing us each your way,

Lead us each, oh Shepherd of love, never let any to stray.



whonunuwho (author) from United States on June 12, 2018:

Thank you, Ann. Many blessings to you and yours. whonu

Ann Carr from SW England on June 12, 2018:

Beautiful poem, whonu. Bells are a wonderful reminder to come together in the world; they have a deep message in their sound alone, as you have so adeptly illustrated.


whonunuwho (author) from United States on June 10, 2018:

Thank you my friend. Many blessings. whonu

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on June 09, 2018:

The bells are indeed a witness of His presence and a call to worship. Beautiful thoughts!

whonunuwho (author) from United States on June 08, 2018:

Thank you, my friend and we shall always have hope to bolster our faiths. Many blessings. whonu

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on June 08, 2018:

Very much appealing and inspiring.

This ending line aptly asserts some hope in the present atmosphere:

Lead us each, oh Shepherd of love, never let any to stray.

Hope for some peaceful and better life in this world.

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