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Civil War In A Soldiers Heart

Loyalty was the only thing he felt
His tears buried with every man
They didn’t want to be heroes
But that’s where tombstones stand

Freedom liberty and justice for all
He liked saying it out loud
His father fought for it too
He didn’t have to say he was proud

Those kind of fine words
He can’t get them out of his head
He believes it can be done together
But harder earned than said

Immortality is in our own name
Not where borders shift in the wind
Or generals who send us aloft
To wage war with the currency of sin

His soul on trial while he prayed
Those born again or who never recover
No matter, they were his brothers
Even if their color was of a different mother

How much can a good man take
His heart punctured by fear and grief
In whose honor must he lose his mind
The one of a saint or of a thief?

He thought about courage
Was it about bullets or the words of song?
Can only a soldier die and live forever
Or also a man unafraid to say what is wrong?

Upon a peaceful sky the flag still waves
Ears filled by the anthem as he sang
He watched as a man kneeled for a reason
As in his memory the bell of liberty rang


Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on May 29, 2018:

Hi Rinita! We meet again! Yes, I think here in America there is some turmoil. Some of the football players and athletes are kneeling while the national anthem is played prior to the game. We are all taught to stand in respect. But they are protesting police brutality against blacks and they are trying to draw attention to the situation. Many people (mostly whites) complain that they are being disrespectful to the memories of dead soldiers who fought for our freedoms. But some people argue the freedom to kneel is what freedom really is about. And some soldiers agree with that. So they have a conflict. Also, I know a soldier (Micky Dee) on Hubpages (Micky Dee) who is very bitter about the Vietnam War and feels the country betrayed him and his fellow soldiers; many of whom died needlessly. So it is a complicated matter.

Rinita Sen on May 29, 2018:

Really strikes a chord, this one. All over the world, wars are being waged for different political and financial gains. A soldier is proud to die for his country, but the question is, is it really his country that he is dying for, or is it a much larger ploy.

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