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City Crowd

Rohan is a passionate writer who seeks to spread the love of literature in every way possible.

Peak hours
People rushing by
Bodies brushing past
With thoughts far away.

A little money never did
Any man any bad
People rush to work
Waiting to look
At facts and figures
And letters and ledgers
And all that ain't bad.

Time is precious
Modern economics spurious
Love tender
And a vacation

Men once in caves were
Now cooped up in the subway
Just waiting to get away
From a life on
The streets.

We work and work
And work and work
And work and work and work
Only to realise at the very end
That we need to work some more!

Even in our freedom we are slaves. We are full of the illusion we live in an era of liberty and choice, and yet, where is the choice? Where is the choice to spend a few days doing nothing? Where is the choice to do what we want when we want to do it?

We are slaves of the first order. Our money isn't our own. Our lives aren't our own. We think we are free, but in reality, we aren't.

We are gullible slaves ensnared in a state of perpetual labour. This labour will end only when we reach our end.


© 2017 Rohan Rinaldo Felix

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