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Circles of Wax


It’s spreading across the street, I know
There’s something contagious about you
You don’t like it when your lips are unemployed
But I’m not in the line just to kiss the bride

I’m open all night, a couple of bulbs are out though
I coughed when I saw you, that’s when I knew
I wondered, is it open heart or maybe just Freud
The knife or a question, it’s my heart that never lied

I want to walk in a square with no place to go
Circles filled with wax, memories are always true
We know our way along, an ending we cannot avoid
A cross and a cure, tell me the last time you cried

I want to be the one for you, I want to let it show
Send me to a hospital, along with the other men too
I’m ready for the job, but it’s the work I always avoid
If you won’t live on the land, I’ll lay in your tide

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