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Circles, I Chase (poem)

Jason, is an educator that uses his spare time to write poems

Circles, I Chase.

The wheel of time goes round and round,

Always forwards but never back.

A Mobius loop, an unending band,

Many seconds lost but never lacked.

Time is a gem, that I was told,

Too precious to be a waste,

More valuable than gold,

—Just don’t ask someone who is a laze.

For the sands of time falls down and down,

To the dune of moments in the infinitum,

History to be repeated till the end of dawn,

Recalling our boon and doom

How harsh a mistress Time really is,

Mistakes are final when they are done,

You might believe that waiting is bliss

But nothing is immortal when they are gone.

The clock ticks round and round,

I have no more strength to fight it back,

Hear I lay, in a bed I am bound,

Vision dreary, fading black

© 2019 Jason Villar


Vishw Deepak Jain from New Delhi on May 23, 2019:

Timeless and lovely

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