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The Battle of Colors


My step fell through the cloud,
I'm struggling to dye my soul.
I don’t know how to cut the air,
but I want to fill in the hole.
My self is filled with darkness,
bruises adorn my tiny neck.
I expect soon the very end
the winds are carrying me, like a wreck.

And then I rise,
And then I shine -
I lift myself in the highest heights.
And then I stop, I lose the urge
to melt in those far, hot sites.
Man - I got lit up,
I can go even that extra mile!
Not only that I am warming you -
I still have the most beautiful smile.

The crickets sing,
the stars are born -
I am walking again with ease.
The colors blend,
I jump to the sea -
the water is still, there’s no breeze.

© 2019 Aleksa Celap

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