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You caught my eyes in a glimpse I never knew why, maybe I was really meant for you. no more alas nor goodbye. A...

Chance to see you again, A hope and dream that never ends.
Hear my heart it tells the truth, How my love for you has earned its fruit.
Ridicule me if only if you want to, but never stop my heart for it want's you.
I love you a lot, your name inside my mind is not a blot...even..
Sadness had overtaken me long time ago like dementia it torments me
True to my words I kept my promise even though the past haunts me..
In everything I give my all like a fresh fruit it would never fall fall fall
Never mind what people say I pray to God it will be his way, never forget his never..
Ending love he say! forgive and forget in anything so you wont regret.
Just think of me for a day cause I dream of your lips everyday, you are my
Endless dream in a daylight scene. And like an..
Angel with her sword in her hands in the sky and at..
Night you shine on high.

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