Christmas With the Rhymes

Updated on November 28, 2017

Merry Christmas to all

— Ryan Cornelius

Christmas with the Kranks

LUTHER and NORA Krank.
Witness their daughter going away.
Going away on assignment.
They are at the airport.
Watching their daughter abort.
Abort the plane for Peru.
Nora cries, seeing her daughter pursue.
Pursue her career.
Luther barely sheds a tear.
After getting soaked in the rain.
They decide to make a change.
Its the day after Thanksgiving.
They realize the house will be empty.
Luther decides he's not celebrating.
Not celebrating the holidays this year.
Not without their daughter near.
He suggests on investing.
The money that is usually.
Usually spent on the holidays.
Spending it on going away.
Going away on a Carribean Cruise.
Nora agrees they should use.
Use the money as an investment.
But under one condition.
She wants to donate to the church.
Reward them for their work.
The children's hospital as well.
Luther agrees and promises it will not fail.
They begin planning the trip.
Forgetting usual rituals of Christmas.
Investing in themselves for a change.
But Nora's friends do not like the change.
Meanwhile, kids come by selling a tree.
That Luther's not interested in buying.
Telling the kids they are not having Christmas.
The kids walk away disappointed.
VIC FROHMEYER hears about it.
He confronts Luther about it.
While the neighbors decorate.
Vic hopes Luther walks away.
Despite Luther saying no.
His wife wants to decorate with snow.
She says its a Christmas position.
But he stands through the convictions.
At work, he is catching heat.
Catching heat from his employees.
While Nora escapes from their neighbors.
To the mall to go meet Luther.
Meeting Luther to plan their trip.
They get a tan before the trip.
They get home and see they are trending.
Called selfish for not considering.
Not considering the best time of the year.
Ditching it all for their own cheer.
The houses around them are decorated.
But are surprised when the police approach.
With their usual Christmas calendar.
At their home are carolers
Singing at their doorstep.
Luther's aware that that's a set.
A set up to make them feel guilty.
Luther sprays water on in his yard.
Knowing the weather will freeze the yeard.
Attempting to keep off the neighbors.
Attempting to keep off the carolers.
Unknowingly, they walk on it.
They all slip and fall on it.
Nora knows that Luther did it.
Then explains that she's tired of it.
One day while preparing to leave.
They get a sudden call from BLAIR.
Telling them that she's coming here.
They suddenly have to change their plans.
They are not going like they planned.
So Luther goes out for a tree.
While Nora goes out shopping.
Luther finds no tree but persuades.
His neighbor that's going away.
He persuades his neighbor to borrow his tree.
His neighbor then gives him the key.
Others see him taking the tree.
The police see him going home with the tree.
Thinking he broke into their home.
He's arrested then is allowed to go.
While his wife plans for the Party.
Luther is at home decorating.
When the neighbors see they are rushing.
They come together for the coming.
Some are reluctant.
But still, end up doing it.
At first, they stall Baire from getting there.
To keep her unaware.
Unaware of the casualties.
But they arrive there safely.
Luther still tries to convince.
His wife Nora to take accept it.
To accept the cruise.
But she refuses to accept the cruise.
Upset that he's not happy.
Not happy about seeing.
Seeing his daughter home.
Sadly he goes.
Across the street to a home.
He offers the tickets to another home.
Insisting on them going on the cruise.
Luther's holiday spirit has been renewed.
He realizes that his idea.
Was really a selfish idea.

Tim Allen
Luther Krank
Jamie Lee Curtis
Nora Crank
Julie Gonzalo
Blaire Krank
Dan Aykrod
Vic Frohmeyer

Jim Roth

Jim Roth is known in the film industry. His career in film started in 1974. It's 2017 & he has not really stopped. He directed Revenge of the Nerds 2 (1987), Coup de Ville (1990) Americas Sweethearts (2001)  Freedomland  (2006)
Jim Roth is known in the film industry. His career in film started in 1974. It's 2017 & he has not really stopped. He directed Revenge of the Nerds 2 (1987), Coup de Ville (1990) Americas Sweethearts (2001) Freedomland (2006)

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • Rhyme Vine Poetry profile image

      Tamara Yancosky Moore 3 months ago from Uninhabited Regions

      Your rhyming poems are so unique and enjoyable to read! I also really liked the title of this one :-)

      Thank you for sharing your great talent with us.