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Christmas Without You/song

song lyrics

Verse 1:

The snow is falling outside.

Heaven is a million miles away.

Without my baby here,

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.


You said you’d love me forever.

Now I know it was just one big lie.

Verse 2:

Wrapping up your nephew’s present,

You didn’t have the money to buy.

You were out of work again.

I’ll tell Timmy,

You couldn’t make it to Christmas supper,

For the second year in a row.


I’ll play Santa again.

It’s something I’m used to.

Your folks say Christmas,

It just isn’t the same without you.

I agree. My Heaven,

Tonight is a thousand miles away.

Tonight without you.

Verse 3:

The mistletoe isn’t as green,

As I remember it being.

I don’t want a thing for Christmas.

Our imperfect love used to keep me warm.

Now, this winter is going to be colder,

Without you to keep me warm at night.

Bridge 2:

Merry Christmas.

I know it’s so,

By the tears on my pillow.

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