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Best Wishes, Revisited


In many countries, there are several quotes to brighten any day,

"Have a good one, my friend", among the multitude in the U.S.A.

"May the good Lord bless and keep us", a memorable one to say,

There's no telling just how much meaning in words we all display.


In old England, there are quite a few wishes that we may wish,

As each share over a cup of special tea, holding a saucer-dish.

"Is time for tea and biscuits, Chum", to sip tea about four or five,

At any time then is a good tea time. for all so often they do arrive.


Over the wide seas to Scotland's shores, if one to travel by ship,

If not off your head, a little bit daft, locals there'll know you're hip.

A guid nnin to you, my laddie, hope your trip over here was fine,

Scottish brogue is always quite a trip, listen more, you'll be in line.


Just by any chance, you should visit Germany, especially a pub,

The kneipe a word used over there, not to try it if for only a rub.

Auf Wiedersehen if you can't understand, to take a bath in a tub.

An interpreter will be the best advice, you'll be rolling on one hub.


I went on a nice trip to Holland one time, visited the Dutch,

All were very nice to me, I'm afraid I didn't learn so much.

Goedenavoind in evening, goedenacht means good night,

It was goodbye, dahk/dooee for me until time for my flight.


On my trip over to Africa, Was in Kenya, where I once had visited,

Words of encouragement I often received, understanding limited.

The people there so gracious and friendly, didn't want me to leave,

Gave me food and artwork, galore, giving more than they received.


A most wonderful time once had in Mexico, folks there gracious and kind,

Hola and gracias, hello and thank you, pardon me, dis culpeme, to rhyme.

A gentle breeze does blow there in the night, it was then to say la Noche,

By mornings light a greeting was heard, La Manana, Buenos dios, to say.


Bonjour or Au revoir, Hello and goodbye, in France I found my way,

Such common meanings to the words, for me all were easier to say.

French cuisine is among the best, as art to be admired, none greater,

On les suit, we follow them, in greeting and a plus tard, see you later,


All about the world and maybe beyond, a flower is always a flower,

True beauty is revered by everyone, as language does so empower.

Pleasantries and how-do-you-dos, certainly all good to know in kind,

The bright side of our lives on earth, help to give all a peace of mind.

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