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Christmas Day Approaches

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


Thunderous chimes of overhead bells

As the hour of Christmas Day approaches

Houses in silence and every soul in a dream

Candles alight in each and every window

The clock ticks and tocks and all others silent

While flakes of white drift upon gusts of wind

Landing in plentiful piles by the windowsills

Small hands clutching striped lengths of candy

Larger hands intertwined, sharing a restful moment

For the great Christmas tale has been read aloud

Children sent off to their beds with a smile

Each gift marked and wrapped and topped with a bow

Colorful paper of snowmen, holly, and ivy

Foils of silver and gold, and all sorts of festive

Poinsettia leaves of white, pink, salmon, and red

Evergreen wreaths and mantelpiece stockings

And the great pine in the corner,

It's lights softly twinkling, ornaments shining,

Star oh so bright, lighting up the dark night

On the table the plate with the milk and the cookies

The china settings and the festive table runner

Christmas cards hanging above every doorway

And everything merry as it stands at the ready

As the hour of Christmas grows near...

© 2017 Ralph Schwartz

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