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Christmas' Awakening - A Bipolar Poem

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


It's Christmas joy,

a King was born.

Dark tears of a boy,

his home was torn.

King without an army

or wealth on this Earth.

Torn by an army

of terror and death.

A King of redemption,

of serving and Love.

He sees no salvation,

they killed the white dove.

He came for a reason,

to rise up our Heart.

No fest for the season

his world felt apart.

We messed up the meaning,

found a cause to consume.

Look the hell he is living,

what fate do you assume?


Just false hope to revive

through luxury and gifts.

What dream to survive

in the ruins that he lives?

All we're making is nails,

and some wood for a cross.

Just escaping the gales

one more day, one more toss.

For an immigrant King

an exiled an' betrayed God.

I am not a boy, just a thing

merely a menace for this world.

We make wars in His name

so we can exploit and steal.

No country for me to claim,

and no embrace to feel.

And the void is expanding,

absorbing our joy and our life.

My bleeding heart is pounding,

praying to bear this strife.


But there is always a Light

even in the darkest void.

Save me from my plight

my Love is not destroyed.

A little King is longing

for a place to born again.

In my Heart, you're belonging,

we'll be together, like then.

Make a place in your Heart

for the Magi and the Star.

You and I are never apart

You live in my every scar.

You and He were never apart

He was always in your every scar.

I make a place in my broken heart

for You and the Magi, my beautiful Star.


A Holy Cave filled with Love

for the baby Jesus to come.

Again to see the White Dove,

and play for You with my drum.

A Christmas' awakening night

it's not a dream, is a chance.

My Lord, I see Your lively Light,

soon with my family, I'll prance!

A chance to live Christmas every day,

to feel connected with everyone.

My Soul is merry in a strange way

as if I am connected with everyone.


Open your arms, embrace this kid

rebirth begins just from within.

I feel embraced, happy indeed,

Love springs and fills me from within.

Glory to God in the highest Heaven

I feel I am beloved again!

Glory to God in the highest Heaven

I feel I am beloved again!

My Love Embraces You All!

Merry Christmas to you all! My Love embraces all the Hubers, the readers and the HubPages team. I wish, this Christmas, we all make a place in our Hearts for the Divine Infant to born again. Let us fill our Hearts and our lives with Love because I believe that hell is a Heart empty of Love, and Heaven is a Heart full of Love! We are One, please remember. There are no strangers, refugees, immigrants or poor, WE ARE! Love always!

Some Words About The Poem

About the poem now! Hmm! I don't know if even exists such a style of poetry or if it's just another of those crazy ideas I often have! Who cares about styles, anyway? I made up the name though, Bipolar poetry, and I believe you can see why. Every stanza consists of two parts, of two verses each one, telling the "story" from a different point of view that seem to conflict. It's like you are reading two contrastive poems which exist at the same time in one, until the end, where you can see that, in fact, all is One! I don't know if I managed to express what I wanted, but the truth is that I enjoyed it! I am looking forward to your opinion.

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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