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Christ Dancing Eyes

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.

Asking Why


Dancing Eyes Are Following Me

In A Seductive Way At Times

As Though A Soul Mate Is Following Me

Eternal Soul Mates Starting In The Garden Of Eden

Back In Ancient Mythology Times

Unexplainable Mysterious Happenings

There Is A Mystical Power That Keeps Me

Like A Moth Drawn To The Magical Light

Of An Intense Love Sealed With God's Approval

I See Eagles With Spread Out

Wings Gliding Gracefully Over Me

A Gazing Stare As Though The Eagle Is

Observing My Entire Thoughts And Spirit

Each Seems To Flow With Each Beat That My

Heart Makes

I Even Dance To An Up Beat Pattern

Increasing The Rhythm To A Slow

Playful Skip

And I Look Up And The Eagle With Dancing

Eyes Seems To Be Looking In My Eyes

There Is A Silent Power That Surrounds Me

And Knows Exactly How To Draw Me

In to Their Silent Play Or Am

I Just Their Prey?

As I See The Eagle Soar Past My Window Pane

And I Am Hoping Perhaps It's Saying, "Hello"

This Is An Enigma And At Times I Want To Run

But I have No Place To Run Too, These Dancing Eyes

Seems To Be Everywhere Watching My Every Movement

I Keep Asking Why Is There A Mystical

Silence Of Power Illuminating All Around Me

Pure White Swirling Fluffly Clouds Floating

Lower And Lower On A Sunny Summer Day

The Sky Is A Crysatl Blue With Sun Rays Of Sparkle

Flashing Everywhere

I'm Seeing Faces In These Pure White Clouds

Some Having Dancing Eyes

Red Cardinals Sitting On A Tree Branch

In Front Of My Window Pane Staring Straight

Into My Eyes And These Beautiful Brillant

Color Cardinals Their Presence Makes Me Feel As

Though It's Holy Heaven, An Angel Visiting Me...

Dancing Eyes Are Following My Every Movement

I Keep Asking Why

I Have No Answers So I'v Surrendered To Playing With

All Creation Visiting Me With Their Dancing Eyes


Icon of Christ Pantocrator

In A Book Written By "Anthony M. Coniaris" The Name Of The Book Is Called "Introducing The Orthodox Church" On Pages: 179-180 Anthony M Conianis Says." The Typical Byzantine Icon Of Christ Is That Of The Pantocrator, The Lord Omnipotent. It Is The Image Of The Glorified Christ Regnant On His Heavenly Thrown.

On Page 180 Anthony M Conianis Writes : "Normally, The Icon Of Christ Pantocrator Is The Most Remote Of All The Conventional Poses , Christ Distant With The Presence Of The Law. Yet Is Serbia We Find An Icon Of The Pantocrator With DANCING EYES. His Face Is Sharp, His Mouth Tiny With The Effort Of Suppressing a Grin, His Fingers Thin And Dancing, Too, Where They Hold The Book. This Book Is Closed; But He Knows What Is Inside: The Glee Of Goodness, The Good News Of God's Love.