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Chords of My Dying Love

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


From a dark corner

of the crowded theater,

I saw her take the stage

one last time,

playing her tunes

for all to hear

and to see

her in her radiance.

They fell quickly

under her spell

and moved and swayed

to the rhythms and beats

coming somewhere deep within her.

And, she felt their presence,

embracing it,

loving it.

And those huddled masses

fell in love with her.

But I

didn’t move,

for I mourned.


The music had left me.

And I knew

I lost her to

her greatest love of all.

I hung my head low

and quietly slipped out the exit

as the audience rose to applaud,

and ask her for more.

I made my way to the lobby,

never looking back.

For the chords of my dying love

became a decrescendo that faded

out into obsure silence

that rang too loud and clear.


© 2018 Dean Traylor

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