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Choose A Woman Who Is Right for Your Love

A Natural Beauty


Choose a Woman, who will love you for who you are, and not issue corrections,

She will cherish all your ways and imperfections.

Choose a Woman, whose daily attitude is positive and bright,

For loves grows with sweet nectar, not a deplorable fight.

Choose a Woman, who is charming, considerate and kind,

Her passionate kisses will always blow your mind.

Choose a Woman, who understands when you are late,

She greets you with a ready smile, not a debate.

Choose a Woman, who thinks of others first,

She is real, and not rehearsed.

Choose a Woman, who is emotionally secure,

No jealousies to endure.

Choose a Woman, who is your equal and honorable mate,

Whose life choices are not left up to fate?

Choose a Woman, who a great mother she will be,

Not one who wishes she was free.

Choose a Woman, who can disagree in a polite way,

Don’t select one who will not speak for a day.

Choose a Woman, whose urgent desires of making love is equal to yours,

Not one who had rather do her household chores.

Choose a Woman, Who’s God you share,

One the Angels will declare.

Men Be Wise in Selecting a Woman to Love Forever.

Chose a woman who loves you and does not want to change you. If she tries while you are dating to change something about you--then it will be worse if you marry her.

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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