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Choose a Man Who Is Right for Your Love


Choose the man--- whose hungry eyes make love to you with silent words,

As they slowly feast and caress leaving love trails so titillating, it is unheard.

Choose the man---whose dexterous mouth moves to taste your porcelain skin,

But teasingly draws back------again and again.

Choose the man---whose strong hands are methodical and sure

Receiving his precious gifts of loving pleasures is for the lucky one to endure.

Choose the man---who chooses you---- before everything and any other,

You want a lover, not a friend, and not a brother.

Choose the man---whose heart is unchained and true to thee,

Who will treasure your love as a rare gift it is to be.

Choose the man---whose eyes never roam, but can appreciate other beauty,

To always be faithful---- is a lover’s duty.

Choose the man---who will never change with growing old,

Who never leaves you feeling loveless and cold.

Choose the man---Whose hand will always be at the small of your back, leading you through a crowd,

His sweet words are forever soft and tender, never loud.

Choose the man---Who loves you beyond sharing years together without any doubt,

His love for you---from the highest mountain—he will shout.

Choose the man---who is not second best,

The true winner of your love, for he is better than the richest of the rest.

Women Choose Wisely Your Forever Love.

Love is forever and your heart will tell you if this is the right man for you. Does he make you happy, do you smile when he calls you during the day? Does he call to see if you are during well at work?

Does he touch you every time he walks by you? Does he kiss you hello and goodbye?

Make sure he is the patient, caring, lovable man you need to make your life complete.

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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