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Chill Healer Poetry.

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Everything will be alright.

Just relax,

Go for a walk,

Enjoy the atmosphere,

Sit somewhere random,

Watch the children playing,

Vehicles running,

People walking,

Sun distributing its rays,

See the birds flying there at sky, their singing,

Watch animals, their life.

Take a deep breath,

Don't stress out, calm yourself,

Listen to some favorite songs,

Look at the stars,

Go for a walk, feel the atmosphere,

Eat your favorite food,

Talk with friends, talk with family members.

Get some sleep and then everything is alright, just keep calm.

Keep yourself peaceful.

Just close your eyes,

Set some goals, work on them, achieve them, and feel grateful.

Stay calm, think positive and your stress is relieved.

Everything will be alright.

© 2017 Uvais Girach

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