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Children Song

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Years back, I started composing songs for choirs and the Light Magazine... Lovers of music appreciate my work. The talent is being used here

Baby Enoch Ogundare at age 60days...

Baby Enoch Ogundare at age 60days...

Composer's Foreword

There is a proverb in Yoruba land that says, "the religion elders do not involve children in would go into extinction".

Jesus while on earth ensures that disciples don't disdain the children as it has been the saying of Yahweh to Prophet Moses that the children be taught the laws of Yahweh.

Jesus also states this because he knows "eggs will become cocks" later, and the old people will die. When this happens, he knows that it is the children who have been taught ways of God that will carry on the message to the uttermost parts of the globe. But in the case they failed to carry children along, there there would be major problem, which is extinction of the message of the cross.

I have put these simple words into songs for children of the Lord Jesus to sing along.

The tune used for the composition has been prerecorded on Youtube and the link shared here for all to benefit from.

Thank you.

Composed Song


As a child oh Lord

I have fixed my gaze on you

Thou lover of children

You have bid all children come


When I was in the womb

Having no knowledge at all

It's been you all the way

Jehovah lover of children



Even when I was feeding

From the breasts of my mother

You are tight there by my side

You didn't let the food choke me



The angels you have assigned

To monitor all my steps

They never cease even for once

To look 'nto you my Father



I can't pass through the world

Without your instructions Lord

Through thy word instruct me

And I 'll forever be yours



Give me listening ears

Give me a receptive heart

To always yield to your

Your goodly counsels on earth



I 'll forever oh Lord

Keep on looking at the Lord

Help thou me heav'nly Father

To always give my heart to you