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Poem - Childhood Memories

Titia is interested in photography, poetry, family, art, dogs, cats, insects, wildlife, history, war, camping, writing, and the environment.

Ancient cobble stone path

Ancient cobble stone path

This Ancient Path - a Ballad

I came across this ancient path and walked towards the light,
and wondered why the end of lane was still so shining bright.
My fantasy began to work and in my mind arose
a picture of a little girl and who she was? Who knows.

She walked this lane quite frequently, her hand in Daddy’s hand,
and he showed her the beauty and the secrets of this land.
He told her 'look, those rows of trees are planted long before
the day that you were born my sweet, and always there’ll be more.

They’re growing tall and up above their branches will connect,
they shelter us when sun is hot, thus treat them with respect'.
The little girl looked up the trees and suddenly she saw
a little chipmunk sitting there, and he waved with his paw.

'Look here' he said 'this is my home and you are welcome dear
to visit my place any time whenever you are here'.
The little girl looked at her Dad, but he showed not one sign
that he had seen the chipmunk too, and she thought ‘he is mine’.

Her Daddy pointed down below towards the cobbled stone,
'If you should count each one your friend, you’ll never be alone.
She started counting 'one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
Nine, ten, eleven, twelf and more, I’m counting Daddy, wait.

So many friends I’ve never had and they’ll be always there,
and when I set my foot on them they do not really care'.
Her Daddy took her hand again and walked her down to grass,
‘They may look all the same to you but they are not my lass

Look close and you will see the beauty in each blade of green,
and different flowers of a kind fast people’ve never seen.
One flower smiled when she looked down and said in whispering voice
‘Whenever you want to rest here, make this your place of choice’.

Then slowly they came to the end where sun was shining bright,
her Daddy said ‘when you feel lost, just walk towards that light.
And even if I’m not around you’ll feel that warm embrace
of nature kissing you my lass, right there on your sweet face’.

That’s what I thought when I walked down this lane of history,
and in my mind I knew right there, that little girl? Is me!

My Childhood Teddy

My Childhood Teddy

My Childhood Teddy

My Teddy said to me one day,
"Would you mind if I would say:
Will you be my Valentine
and can I take you out to dine?"

My heart, it skipped a beat or two,
I mumbled words, just only few.
Oh dear, oh dear, my brain dropped dead,
I couldn't believe what he just said.

He's been my mate for sixty years,
he heard my stories, dried my tears.
He never spoke, but listened good,
I never knew he cared for food.

I smiled at him and said quite clear:
"Dinner with you will be a pleasure Dear
and I always shall be your Valentine,
if you promise me that you'll be mine".

Then I woke up in the middle of night,
I had been dreaming and I sighed.
The sweetest soulmate I've ever had,
is the Teddy I got from my dad.

My childhood home

My childhood home

My Childhood Home Was a Marvellous Place

My childhood home was a marvellous place, where fantasies grew on a daily base.
Old it was, some threehundred years and when I left I shedded some tears.
The hall was deep and two arms wide, with very large rooms on either side,
the ceilings were some two men high, sculptured around that made you sigh.

Not a bathroom and no water running, yes at first that was quite stunning.
The kitchen was an enormous room, Special closets for bacon and broom.
Floors were layed with black/white tiles, as I remember we slided many miles.
Originally two houses made one home, quite enough space for us to roam.

Two cellars with vaulted arches of stones, we always searched for hidden bones.
Two attics with balks as big as trees, and so much dust we had to sneeze.
At last we got some modern comfort, just a shower, we did need no more.
Woodstoves kept us warm and glowing, when winter storms outside were blowing.

Central heating? Well we never got that, so with sharp frost I frooze in my bed.
My father said the house doesn't like it, and that was so true, I have to admit.
In the big appletree I usually ate lunch, lots of flowers, for each day a bunch.
A big church at the back of the yard, Mom said: "God's standing by on guard".

Old Bakery cupboard

Old Bakery cupboard

The Old Bakery's Cupboard

When I look at this old cupboard,
my mind goes back to childhood time,
a bakery's cupboard and I can still smell
the scent of fresh bread waiting to be bought.

When I look at this old cupboard,
I see it standing in my parents kitchen,
they bought it, because the baker stopped baking,
the plates and other kitchen stuff found their place.

When I look at this old cupboard,
I just have to reach out my hand to touch.
It came to me after my mother moved away,
and it contains many memories I want to keep.

When I look at this old cupboard,
I see the old pudding mold, and the clock,
ash trays I love to search for at flee markets,
vases, candlesticks, photos, all so dear to me.

When I look at this old cupboard,
I get such a warm feeling inside of me.
This treasure I will keep as long as I live,
she is holding my present and my past.

My Old Rag Doll

My Old Rag Doll

My Old Doll

My Mom had made me a doll that was stuffed,
no hands or feet and her belly looked puffed,
but her eyes were nice and her mouth was smiling,
on her trust and faith, I've always been relying.

But through the years, when I was growing,
I left her behind when I was going
and one day I just completely forgot,
about this doll, that just after War I got.

But then, many, many years ago,
Mom moved to an elderly home you know.
My sisters and I had to clean up the house,
where she had lived with us and her spouse.

It was then that I stumbled upon my doll,
my Mom always kept it in good order and all,
along with some dolls of a later date
and I only could think it must've been fate.

I took them home and will never again part,
from the toys of my youth, the joys of my heart.
She's in my bedroom and watch me grow old,
the story of my stuffed toy has now been told.

Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

A Little Tribute to My Old Rag Doll

She knows the secrets, I long forgot,
the memories of my early childhood.
Her smile still brightens some of my days;
she's an elderly lady now, still looking good.

Her hair not changed, dark walnut look,
while mine is laced with grey
and though she's not always on my mind,
I know she's here to stay.

She was my friend and she still is,
made out of rags by Mom.
Just after War, the second one,
so I know where she is coming from.

I didn't want her to be lonely,
got her some bears for company.
They're sitting in my bedroom corner,
Seventy years she's been watching me.

© 2017 Titia Geertman

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