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"Childhood Friend"

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.


To a childhood friend;

Hey Dearie,

I know you're dumb and useless and don't tell me it's a lie because I've seen you grow with those stupid, weird ideas that we would apply to everything we did, with an ultimate faulty result, And yet, I still adore and remember the fun and enjoyment we had together. I think of you as my sister and all of my secrets and weaknesses are known to you.

But Hey, Don't ever reveal them because I know yours too.

Cheers! ;)


"Childhood Friend"

Yes! I know we are twenty two

but I still have the memory,

when we were only two

Remember those games when were four?

you built the house while I made the door

We used to play hide and seek

I used to fall down with a simple jerk

cause you were stronger and I was weak


We used to dress up and liked to look cool

holding the hands while going to school

Remember? when we turned sixteen

The most sweet age of teen

we would share not only food

but the prince of our dream

We have grown up together

like two sisters from a single mother

We have the bond of love and affection

we are childhood friends

and we know each other's imperfections


© 2021 Mar

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