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Child of the Night (Poem)

You, Child...

No, dear child of the night. There's no need for you to hide behind a mask of perfection because no one is asking you to wear it in order to be accepted by us. Here we love you as you are, without having to change anything about you. Why would we want to transform you into a soulless puppet? We, believe it or not, are exactly like you. We know to the bone the pain of loneliness. We have been rejected by those we love the most when we need them most.

Don't you believe us? Then stop for a moment and try to see what escapes our skin. We carry wounds upon us. Exactly like you, we have cried in silence, having the Moon as the only witness to our tears. We are not here to tell you that we are better than you. You'd probably notice our pale lies soon, after all, you're smarter than most kids your age.

Child of the night


Without Fear

You, young spirit, have the power to see beyond what blinds most of your peers. You are not content to follow the laws that those who know little or nothing of the nobility of the human spirit. You are wiser and stronger than anyone who makes fun of you. Do you know it? Those fools will never know of the beauty of the world that only those who know how to look with the heart can see.

No, child of the night. Those wounds don't magically heal just by wishing it. To fully heal, you have to die and be reborn as the phoenix. Today you think you are too weak to achieve it, but tomorrow, when you open your eyes, you will realize your greatness.

Live without fear of what might happen tomorrow. Enjoy every moment with joy, remembering that each step you take serves as a life lesson that will help you grow as a human being.


Night will protect you

Night will protect you

A Warrior

We are here to ask you, please, never to be dazzled by appearances. For God's sake, never forget that what really matters can rarely be seen with the eyes. Love with the mind, but never forget to keep the connection with your heart. Anemones of light cross your path, reminding you that you are close to touching the Promised Land with your own hands. Please keep fighting. The light you have dreamed of since childhood is very close to you. Can you feel it?

Fireflies making arabesques will try to fill your head with white smoke, so that you forget the dreams that grow daily in your heart. Never listen to them.

You will no longer feel any fear, you can walk in the sun as well as under the protection of the moon. You deserve it. You have earned it after so much suffering.

Don't let your past experiences embarrass you. They are what made you who you are today. Dress your wounds with the pride of a warrior who has fought a thousand battles.

Don't forget the most important things of your past, use them in your benefit and work daily to make your wounds hurt a little less each day.

Calling All Angels

You can do it!

Child of the night, remember that you are not alone. On the outside, we might seem very different from you, but that is false. Behind the smiles, the good clothes and the apparent carelessness for our lives, we are just like you. We learned to feign normality to survive in this troubled world, but we never forget to separate our true essence from the mask we put on to socialize.

Behind the bright smiles you see every day on social networks, fragile and flawed human beings are hiding, afraid of letting everybody see that deep inside, they are just humans, like you and me.

Time is on your side, my dear child of the night. Forget about fear and fly, go as high as you can. Although half the world makes you doubt your ability, believe in yourself.

We will be watching you from afar, ready to help you heal your broken wings if any poisoned heart tries to break your hopes. We don't know each other, but from the bottom of our hearts, we hope you can feel our presence at your side.

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